A Denim Story: My New Overalls

I made one of the best purchases of my life recently… These overalls from Free People.  They were on sale and actually fit, plus I’ve been mildly obsessed with buying a pair of overalls for approximately three years.  It was a meant to be.

In my excitement, I immediately started putting together outfits and decided I needed to share how versatile this new addition to my wardrobe is.  Read on to see four different ways I’m planning on wearing these overalls and let me know if any of these looks inspire a new outfit for you!

Lazy Sunday

Off the bat, I knew these overalls were going to be my favorite weekend getup.  They’re so comfortable, but make me feel like I”m pulled together enough to run grab some groceries or hang out and watch movies at home.  For a lazy Sunday outfit, I’m pairing these overalls with a plain white tee shirt, simple jewelry, sneakers, and a messy bun (I’m actually wearing this exact outfit while typing this post).

White Tee: Gildan; Sneakers: Puma for J.Crew

In the Office

Lucky for me, I work in a jeans-friendly office and am planning on wearing this outfit asap.  A white, silky blouse balances out the casualness of the overalls.  Throw on a gold pair of flats, and I’ll be ready to commute to work.

Blouse: Who What Wear for Target; Flats: Target

Out for Drinks

I have a theory that just about any outfit can be converted into going-out attire with the right pair of shoes.  To dress up distressed denim I like to pair them with a strappy heel or delicate bootie to balance out the look.  For a night on the town in these overalls, I’m pairing them with a dark, green tank, a gold necklace, and my favorite black, strappy sandals.

Tank: H&M; Necklace: Urban Outfitters: Bracelet: Kate Spade

Autumn Festivities

This may be thinking a bit ahead, but I cannot wait to wear these overalls all fall.  Some booties, a flannel button-up, and a leather jacket for when it gets colder and I’m in autumn bliss.  Just put a pumpkin in one hand an some apple crisp in the other.

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