The Ultimate Autumn Bath


The weathers getting cooler, people are wearing more and more layers, the days are getting shorter… The season of coziness is upon us.  The other day, I had a particulary cozy evening taking the ultimate Autumn bath.

To start off the bath, I crumbled up half of the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar from Lush as the tub was filling up.  It instantly turned the bath a pumpkiny orange color with a bit of sparkle and made tons and tons of bubbles, which to me is essential to have the coziest bath possible.  Once the bath was filled I dropped the Pumpkin bath bomb from Lush in for some extra orange and yellowy colors and a warm, spicy scent.  To top off the bath, I also kept a mini Lord of Misrule shower cream to lather up with after I was done soaking in the bath.  It’s seems perfect for October, leading up to Halloween since it’s a bright green color, which reminds me of a witches brew.  It was a really spicy, woodsy scent.

To get an extra cozy feel, I also lit a bunch of Fall scented candles from Gold Canyon.  The scents I have are Cinnamon Citrus, Smoked Apple Butter, White Pumpkin, and Mulled Cider.  All of these scents have a more spicy, warm scent so they mix really well and created a very cozy atmosphere.

To top it off, I brought in my current read, Devil in the White city.  The story is a bit creepy, with chapters telling stories about a serial killer living in Chicago during the Worlds Fair, mixed in with chapters on the architects journey to building the Fair.  It’s creepy enough to feel like an October read, but subtle enough to read in a bath and relax.

Once I got out of the bath, I cozied up in my pajamas and robe after moisturizing with Suncrisp Apple Harvest Bath and Body Works body cream.  I believe it was a part of their summer line, but apple scent is very autumnal to me.  Currently, they have Country Apple in stock, which seems to be the equivalent.  After that, I was so relaxed and ready to cuddle up for sleep.


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