Wishing for Spring

The weather in Chicago this weekend was absolutely gorgeous and has got Spring on my mind. The sun was shining, it was warm enough to not need a jacket – I went out and bought a bunch of tulips for the occasion.  Warmer, sunny days have been my favorite types of days for as long as I can remember, and getting to spend the entire weekend outside has really boosted me out of those winter-blues.

The warm weather and sunshine really have me wanting to start updating my wardrobe with lighter-colored, flowy, feminine pieces to go along with the new season. I’ve started to pick up a few things here and there to boost my closet for the warmer days to come, including this ruffle-sleeved top from H&M.  It ticks all the boxes of what I want in a Spring top, plus big, statement sleeves seem to be everywhere these days.

wishing for spring

wishing for spring

Since the weather still isn’t that warm, for now I’m pairing this top with my Topshop Mom Jeans, which I’ve cuffed at the hem to show off my favorite leather black booties.  Accessory-wise, I’ve added a wide-brimmed black felt hat and mirrored sunglasses, for an ultimate cool girl look.

wishing for spring

wishing for spring

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