Hanging at the Revolution Brewing Tap Room

This past weekend I think I may have found my new favorite hang out spot in Chicago… The Revolution Brewing Tap Room.  It’s located where they brew all of the beer, and offer free tours hourly if you want to check out the brewery behind the scenes.  The tap room itself is a large open room, perfect for groups of friends to grab a long table and catch up.  We arrived fairly early in the afternoon, and had no problem finding a free table to camp out at.

Tours of the brewery itself last about 30 minutes and let you check out where Revolution brews all of their beers.  You get a look into the process they take from hops to can – and at near the end walk by a wall of cans ready to be filled and sent for distribution.  This look on my face is of pure joy in front of all of these cans of the classic “Anti-Hero.”


At the bar they offer all of their beers on tap, including their current seasonal drafts. My favorite summer brew is “Rosa” – a hibiscus flower golden ale.  Unfortunately, if you’re not a beer drinker that is all they offer, besides water, but if you do enjoy a nice beer this a great local brewery offering a wide variety of drafts to appeal to a variety of people.

There’s also this amazing, gigantic American flag covering one of the walls in the tap room, which provides pretty amazing photo opportunities (see below for a prime example).


If you’re in Chicago and looking for a great place to meet and catch up with a group of friends over a beer, I definitely recommend coming the the Revolution Brewing Tap Room.  The chill vibes, great beer, and open feel make for a Saturday afternoon well spent.

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