What I Did For My Birthday

July is my birthday month and I’ve had an amazing time celebrating!  I spent my birthday weekend doing what I love most: eating and drinking with my favorite human.  Our first stop for the birthday extravaganza was Apogee in River North.  They had incredibly interesting cocktails in a chic, rooftop bar atmosphere.  We started with a Deep End, which tastes similar to a refreshing, fruity, margarita and a Fifth Char, which was a sweet, licorice-tasting rye cocktail.


Our second round was equally as impressive!  We tried the Sancerre, served in a carafe to pour over pear and lemon-grass flavored ice cubes, and the Where Do You Summer, which is the tasty-tiki drink of your dreams with rum, cherry, and grapefruit flavors.


I would highly recommend this place if you’re interested in a creative cocktail experience!  It did get pretty crowded, so it would be best to make a reservation or arrive  fairly early.

The next morning we made our way to Gold Coast to try the Three Arts Club Cafe, and I was so impressed.  It’s a breathtaking venue, located in the center of a Restoration Hardware furniture store.  They don’t take reservations, so we were expecting a wait, but for a party of two it wasn’t too bad.  They have a small, refreshments stand off to the side of the restaurant where we were able to pick up a coffee, an orange juice, and a donut to hold us over until our table was ready and explored the four floors of the store.



Once we got seated, we treated ourselves to some bellinis, and a delicious cheese and baguette appetizer.



Our experience here was magical. Every aspect of the venue and the food felt luxurious.

The grand finale of the birthday weekend was at the Tortoise Supper Club in River North.  As soon as we reached our table, we were greeted with a birthday card from the owners and glasses of champagne on the house. After the strong start to the night, we were both continuously impressed with the level of service from our waiter, who provided excellent recommendations, let us take our time with eating, and truly made sure we were having a great night.  On the weekends, the supper club brings in a live jazz trio to play in the bar, and even though we were seated in the dining room we were still able to hear the live music which was incredible.  The entire evening was perfect and I cannot wait to go back. It was the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.




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