Tangerine, Mango, Coconut Popsicles

Boozy Mango, Tangerine, Coconut Popsicles

The number of weekends left this summer is at a terrifyingly low number.  To help soothe our sorrows of summer coming to an end, I’ve concocted a fruity, boozy popsicle to enjoy while soaking up our last days of warm sunshine.  


I bought this popsicle mold on amazon last summer, and it was such a great decision.  It’s so easy to freeze some juice and make tasty frozen treats.  For this round of popsicles, I really wanted to give them a more fun look so I made a few stripes in different colors.  The top and bottom stripes on each popsicle is tangerine juice with a bit of mango-flavored rum (I used Bacardi).  When mixing the juice and rum, I used a proportion of just under 1 to 4 (i.e. in my measuring cup I did just under a 1/4 cup of rum and 3/4 cup juice).  I filled the mold just under a third, put on the top of the mold with popsicle sticks, and let it freeze for a couple hours. Once the first stripe has frozen, pour a small stripe of coconut water (coconut milk would be good too if you want a creamy popsicle).  I didn’t make the coconut layer boozy, but you’re more than welcome to! Once the coconut layer has frozen, add the last stripe of tangerine juice and mango rum and let it freeze all the way.


Once they’re totally frozen, run the popsicle mold under warm water so you can pop them out easily and enjoy!


I recommend enjoying these treats by the pool, on a patio, on a rooftop, by the beach, on a walk, with friends, with family, work meetings….


If you make these popsicles, or any fun popsicle, be share to tag me in it! I’d love to see what you make an share some ideas.

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