Halloween Makeup Look: The Jester

Happy Halloween to all! To kickoff my countdown to the spookiest holiday of them all, I’m starting my series of Halloween makeup looks. Leading up to costume-sporting night, I’ve put together three easy, looks that require no costume, just the makeup you already have in your stash. All Hallow’s Eve seems to be the best night of the year to play around with some intense looks, and trust me if I can paint these looks on my face anyone can.


The first look is an equally creepy and cute jester.  I personally am not into the super scary Halloween costumes, mostly because I’m a huge scaredy cat. Nothing about the jester look is particularly scary in itself, but the intense lips and pale face are reminiscent enough of a doll or clown to give it just enough spook.


To achieve this look:

  • Apply the lightest shade of foundation over your face and neck.  Heavily go over it with setting powder to achieve a really matte, pale look.
  • Circle the apples of your cheeks with a rosy blush.
  • Heavily fill in and overdraw your eyebrows.
  • Apply a peachy-pink eyeshadow all over your lid, and accentuate the crease with a deep purple shade.
  • Line your top lid with a liquid liner and then draw a straight line down from the center of your lower lid, about one inch.
  • Apply a couple coats mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.
  • Draw in heart shaped lips with a bright, matte red lipstick or lip pencil. Using the same shade, a dot to the end of the lines you drew under your eye.
  • For a finishing touch, draw a heart on your cheek with the liquid liner.


To finish off the look, tease your hair and throw it in a couple of pigtails, put on a pair of black leggings and a black tank, and you’re good to go!

If you try out this look, be sure to tag me on Twitter or Instagram.  I’d love to see it!


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