Halloween Makeup Look: The Space Alien

Happy, Happy Halloween ghouls and boys! I’m here with my third super easy makeup look for All Hallow’s Eve.  This one is honestly my favorite, mostly because I love the little bit of iridescent sparkle everywhere.  This look doesn’t take much time at all to put together, and is a cool, subtle look for any of your festivities.


To achieve this look:

  • Apply foundation and concealer as normal
  • Lightly fill in your eyebrows, if you need some extra definition
  • Lightly apply bronzer under your cheekbones
  • Heavily apply a holographic highlighter across your cheekbones, eyebrows, center of your nose,  top of your lip, collar bones and chest.
  • Apply a light shade of purple eyeshadow all over your eyelid
  • Using a white eyeliner, draw circles in sets of three around your eyebrows, cheek bones, and forehead, plus one on each side of your nose near your inner eye.
  • Apply a dark purple liquid lipstick and mascara


To finish off this look:

  • Put your hair in some space buns
  • Wear as much metallic as possible
  • Add some metallic glitter to your hair


I hope everyone is having a killer Halloween!  If you need more creepy Halloween makeup inspiration, check out my last post to create the modern day witch.

Happy haunting friends.


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