Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Date Night Look

There’s something incredibly empowering about making yourself up for a date night.  You get to wear clothes that make you feel confident, play up your favorite features with makeup, and actually take the time to do your hair.  Loving your outer appearance sometimes is exactly what you need to give you the extra boost of assurance when heading out for a date night, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Giving myself some time to really enjoy getting ready in an outfit that you love is one of my favorite things to do.  Its something weirdly relaxing, but invigorating at the same time, resulting in you looking your best. It may be the holiday of love, but why not start with loving yourself a little?  Take some time to pamper yourself and get ready to head out in a way that makes you feel your most beautiful. For me, that means doing my makeup with my current favorite products, curling my hair so it looks big, but soft, changing into a fun, flirty outfit, throwing on some cool earrings, and. spritzing a few sprays of my favorite perfume.

Valentine's Date Night Look

Valentine's Date Night LookValentine's Date Night Look

For Valentine’s Day this year, my flirty outfit had to be this paisley printed jumpsuit I found while shopping at Joyee Boutique in San Antonio.  The off the shoulder style is just sexy enough for a date night, but the comfortable material and flowing fabric it super comfortable,  Since it’s absolutely freezing in Chicago still, I paired it with some black tights, black booties, and a mauve faux fur jacket I picked up at Target a couple months ago (it’s unfortunately sold out, but this red faux fur jacket from Target is also super cute).

Valentine's Date Night Lookfullsizeoutput_11c4

How do you get ready for a date night that makes you feel confident in beautiful? Leave a comment below and happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Date Night Look

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