Cool-girl Layering – Pairing a Dress with Jeans

Cool Girl Outfit - Dress and Jeans

There are those certain outfits that cool, fashion girls can always pull off, but in real life trying to pull it off can some times make you feel like a frumpy mess.  Jeans under a dress has always been one of those things for me.  I’ll see an outfit from time-to-time where it’s pulled off flawlessly, usually either in a New York street-style snaps or a mannequin at H&M, and so badly want to wear that look, but have never quite been able to, until I put together this get up.  I’ve finally found the perfect combo for me: a red and blue striped wrap dress from Asos and some straight-leg jeans.


I feel comfortable, sexy, and pulled together all at once. Putting this look together made me realize three tips for putting together a jeans and dress outfit:


Know your body

  • To avoid the frump, you need to accentuate the smallest part of your body. For me that’s around my waist, right below my bust line, which makes this dress ideal for me.  Depending on your body, this could be a little lower or a little higher – it may take a few tries to find the right dress, but trust me it’s worth it in the end to feel the most confident in what you have on


Get the right fit of jeans

  • Anything too baggy and you’ll go a shapeless, but anything too tight and you might as well have put leggings on (which we all know would be way more comfortable).  A good straight-leg jean, with a bit of a crop, seems to be the most universally flattering for this style.


Don’t be afraid to show a little skin

  • To balance the amount of fabric you’ll be wearing, don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin.  Of course, don’t show more than you’re comfortable with, but a hint of ankle, wearing a strappy shoe, or pick a lower neckline.  I went with the neckline and a bit of ankle with this look and love the balance it provided.




Let me know in the comments how you’d pull of a jeans and a dress look!  I’d love more tips so I can keep pulling of these types of looks.


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