A Spring Cocktail: The Daffodil

A Spring Cocktail - The Daffodil

I’m going to be up front and say I think this may be the best cocktail I’ve ever made.  Granted, I probably think that with every cocktail I blog about, but I’m so excited to keep drinking these all Spring and Summer.  It’s bubbly, refreshing, slightly floral, a bit of citrus, and it’s named after one of my favorite Spring-time flowers.  What else could you really look for?

My inspiration from this drink honestly started with the color of it.  I wanted to make something golden-yellow, a color to represent sunshine and the flowers that will (hopefully) soon be sprouting. From there, it became obvious I needed to make something with St. Germain, a French elderflower liqueur, to bring in those bright, botanical vibes. St Germain is sweet, floral, and pairs well with citrus – enter the lemonade.  Nothing says warmer weather than a great glass of lemonade. Finally, to balance out the sweetness of the liqueur and the lemonade I topped this delicious beauty with a blonde beer.  It gives the drink an amazing effervescence, tones down the sweetness, and makes every sip so refreshing you might as well be out on a patio soaking up rays.


What you’ll need to make one serving:

  • Blonde beer of your choice (I’m using Begyle Blonde)
  • 1.75 oz. St Germain
  • 1.75 oz. lemonade
  • A lemon wedge


Directions for making a Daffodil:

This cocktail couldn’t be easier! Pour the St Germain and chilled lemonade into a tumbler, top off with beer (I used about half a can per cocktail), squeeze a wedge of lemon, and serve!



Give this try and send me your photos!

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