1 Gold Skirt, 3 Ways to Spring

I ordered the most beautiful pleated golden skirt from Asos a few weeks back and honestly could live in it every day.  It’s an amazing weight, light but still heavy enough to hold it’s shape, is a color I’ll definitely want to wear year round, and fits perfectly (hello, elastic waist band). I’m totally obsessed with golden-yellow tones this year, if you couldn’t already tell by my latest cocktail The Daffodil, which is making me want to pair this skirt with just about everything.  While we transition (slowly) into warmer weather, here in Chicago we’re in the awkward season of being chilled in the morning and then warm by noon. Using my new favorite skirt, I’ve created there outfits to help inspire anyone else who struggles with what to wear this time of year to stay a comfortable temperature while still looking cool.For Work

Spring time is especially difficult time to sit in an office – all you want to do is sit outside and soak up the sun we’ve been missing for the last month.  Rather than sulking your way through the 9 to 5, brighten it up by pairing a sunshine-y gold with a complementary red.


This flowy top from Zara (see a similar one here) made for a perfectly feminine, bright, comfortable outfit sure to impress your colleagues.



For Play

Even with a bright, gold skirt, for a night out I love adding a pop of color with a teal clutch.  Going more subtle with the rest of the outfit, with a cropped grey sweater and black scrappy heels.

Gold Skirt Going Out Outfit

The little bit of sexy you get from the cropped sweater and heels elevates this skirt for a date night, drinks with the girls, or evening event.  I absolutely loved putting on this outfit. I instantly felt pulled together, cool, sexy, and ready to take on the world.



For Chilling

A comfy skirt is super underrated for hanging out in.  Think about it, the elastic on your weekend is just as comfy as those yoga pants, but instead of tight, itchy fabric down your legs you have a nice, flowy piece of fabric to lounge in.  Add a casual tee like the one I have on from Old Navy, a denim jacket, and your ready for a low-key brunch and hang for any Sunday



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