Repurposing What You Have in Your Closet to Decorate for Christmas

When it comes to the Christmas season, it’s especially great to find a few ways to save some money in the areas that you can. This year I turned to my closet to grab a few items to elevate my decorating without having to bust out the wallet and I’m so pleasantly surprised with how it turned out! Grabbing a few sparkly and cozy items that matched with our decor was so easy, I don’t know why I never thought to do it before.

In our bedroom, we decorate with silver and whites and all of last year I looked for something I could use for a tree skirt. After a failed year of no tree skirt on the tree I had an absolute light bulb moment when cleaning out my closet this summer – a dress I’d bought for a holiday party a couple years ago was exactly what I needed. It’s the perfect metallic silver, lots of fabric, and depth with the pleats. I was standing there staring it at thinking “Ok, I just need to find a tree skirt just like this, what store would sell something like this?” quickly followed by “duh, this is already a skirt, why can’t it be used as a tree skirt?” When we set the tree up last weekend I slipped the skirt onto the bottom of the tree, did some “floofing” (a professional term) to make it sit right and to hide the fact that it is indeed a dress, and am so obsessed with how it turned out.




After the success with the tree I was wondering what else can I grab from the closet to decorate with? The next thing that jumped out was my scars selection. They’re basically plaid, flannel, table runners, right?

A camel-colored plaid paired perfectly on the cabinet we have in our entryway. It added a cozy feel to the space. As it gets colder outside, bringing in any element to make your home feel warmer will create a comfortable place to hang out o you can escape the snow.


On the same note, I wanted to add an element of cozy to the side table we had in our living room.  We store some records for our record player there, so I showcased the Christmas records, pulled a faux fur infinity scarf from the closet, and added a few flameless candles to give the normally dark area a bit of a glow.



Thanks for reading and a merry Christmas season to all!

xo Laura | Tri-Side Design

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