About Me

I’m a small town girl, currently living in Chicago.  I’ve always had a passion for style and how it inspires people.  It’s the most accessible way for people to express their individuality and creativity, but at the same time can bring people together in unison to feel like part of a community.  Style is endless, in all directions.

In this blog, I hope to inspire others to achieve their best, personal style – whether through that’s how they dress, decorate their home, or host their friends and family.  By reading any of posts, if you feel more confident hosting that party coming up because you have a cool new cocktail recipe to serve or are inspired by an outfit or style that let’s you hold your head even higher walking down the street because you know you look damn good in it, my job is accomplished.

Even further, I’d love for this to be a space that creates a community of women embracing their personal style, not only emoting, but promoting confidence. With everything I post about, I want to hear how you make it your own, how to make things even cooler, and continuing to lift each other to live our best lives.